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This article was posted by Capita Careers. These are the skills Capita are looking for when they are recruiting for IT professionals. Many other companies, employers and recruiters will also be looking for these skills. If you are an IT professional and are looking to further your career this year, take a look at these 5 new skills... Do you have them? 

In the modern jobs market it doesn’t pay to sit still and rest on your laurels. If there is one area that this piece of advice is particularly relevant to it’s the IT industry. The pace of change is often so rapid that even the most ardent of professionals can quickly find that their skills are becoming obsolete.

So as we head into 2016, what are the skills that the industry most craves? What skills do you as an IT professional need to obtain or develop further to make yourself relevant and cut it in the industry? Here are five key skills that will to ensure that you continue to find yourself employable as an IT professional.

Big Data

Big data is on the rise and has been for some time. As more and more data is created so too does the need to be able to collect it and effectively analyse it. Businesses are crying out for specialists in this field, particularly when it’s related to customer information and business processes.

With companies placing an ever growing importance on this information to form the basis of their marketing strategy, the need to have experts in this field is essential to their future business growth.

Mobile applications and device management

Given the exponential rise of mobile apps in the last five years; having a strong knowledge of mobile optimisation is essential for any IT professional. This is becoming ever more relevant as the trend towards mobile and away from desktop is set to continue apace.

UX design skills

UX designers are concerned primarily with the end product and the user’s ease of use. While this has always been an important aspect in IT, the move towards smartphones and tablets has placed even more value upon these skills.

Data visualisation

Given the importance of big data to modern business it is not surprising that there is a need to be able to represent it in a cohesive and creative way. That is essentially what data visualisation is about; breaking through all the noise that is out there to present creative and compelling infographics that can be picked up and easily understood by company bosses.

IT architecture

IT architecture is a fundamental area of expertise for IT professionals at all levels and in various roles. It is essentially the designing phase of a system or a set of systems and requires a broad view of a company’s IT infrastructure or requirements.
Although not a new discipline necessarily; like the above skills it is becoming an ever more sought after competence in the industry.