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The Hospitality Christmas

So, the Silly season is in full flow and how you see the build up to it, is very dependent on what industry you work in.
So lets take those who have a ‘normal’ 9-5 Mon-Fri job. It probably looks a little like this...
 The Christmas shopping is done finally, having trawled around numerous shops every Saturday since the end of November. But oh no, its now 3 days until the big day and you realise there’s still a few gifts that need buying, so you drag yourself back to the shops on the last Saturday before Christmas, to get stuck in shops, where civilisation seems to have got lost to grab the last couple of things on the shelves whilst getting nudged in the back, pushed about and having your toes stepped on by everybody doing exactly the same as you. The office Christmas party has been done and several derrières have been duplicated on the photocopier! The traditional office buffet has been successfully demolished and secret Santa’s have been exchanged. All that’s left to do is try and look busy on the last day at work and hot foot it out of the door to wishes of season’s greetings and a jovial ‘don’t eat too much’ before you all pop to the pub for the traditional Christmas drinkie with the boys before going home to relax with lots of food and drink for at least the next 7 days.

Now to all those in the Hospitality industry the silly season paints a very different picture.... 
Saturdays do not exists in hospitality and so shopping is a leisurely pleasurable experience, conducted in the middle of the week when nobody else is about, there are plenty of gifts left on the shelves and you can even stop for a Christmas Gluhwein at one of those European Markets if it takes your fancy. The office party is nonexistent and if there is one, it usually happens at the end of January coz everyone is sick of the site of Turkey and all that goes with it. The buffet usually consists of secretly grabbing the left over pigs in blankets that chef has cooked or the veggie choice left from no-shows that’s going begging at the end of the night. Secret Santa is the thing that happens in the accounts office and rather than hot footing it out of the door at the end of the last furore , we break down the room from yet another Christmas party with our shoes off avoiding stepping on a stray sprout that’s landed on the floor after another game of ‘Basket Ball Brussels’ has been played between tonight’s office party jokers. We do all this with a hopeful air that the boss will come through the door with a crate of beer for everyone to have a cheeky drink before it gets light!
These two industries couldn’t be further apart. When you work in an office environment the benefits are clear to see. The hours are 9-5pm, Monday to Friday. If you’re lucky you get to work in a nice modern clean office with no funny smells and air con. There’s no steam to frizz up your hair and you usually get home looking the same as when you left the house. Regular breaks are a given and so is a lunch hour at a time that is socially accepted as ‘lunchtime’. 

Hospitality on the other hand, is a 24/7 operation and what is considered ‘normal ‘in the world of work, goes out the window. While the actual building you work in is beautiful on the outside and guest are in awe of the stunning tree and festive decorations, the real working environment you are in, is clinical, stainless steel is in abundance and there’s not a bauble in site. Steam and grease are coming from all angles, your mascara is smudged because you had gravy on your hand when you wiped your eye earlier and ‘lunch’ is served at 21.30 on a couple of beer creates out by the bin compound!

Its fair to say that all who work in hospitality have a general feeling of dread that starts around the middle of November as there’s no real set hours during this season, while office based peeps are on count down for a shutdown that usually lasts at least 7 days
With all that said, where else would it be acceptable to blow up those massive long balloons that make that awful noise and pull party poppers over your clients heads to exclamations of ‘you’re a right laff, you should come and work for  us’ or ‘go on, have a glass, no one will see’? At this time of year, its positively encouraged to dance around the tables with guests, burst into song at any given moment and generally have a great time. 
With all that said, it is the season to be jolly and we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it. Would we? 

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Brite Recruitment!! x x x