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Marketing Trends- The Impact of Videos

Marketing Trends

The Impact of Videos

If you have spent any time online or on social media lately, you will have realised a huge increase in videos, especially in the marketing space. Recently, here at Brite Recruitment we have jumped on the bandwagon and made our first video (We hope this to be the first of many)!

There are lots of great reasons why videos have worked well and have had a huge impact on Marketing, here are my top 5:

-Videos boost conversions and encourage people to share your content and buy your product. Often on social media, when one person likes your video it will come up on all their friends/connections’ newsfeeds- this is a great way to get your content out for people to see, so ask your friends to share your work!

-Videos build trust- In a world where the majority of marketing is growing towards online/digital, building trust with customers, and in our case, candidates is crucial! It is important for customers to know that there is a person behind the computer/telephone. Even if your videos aren’t personal or include real footage, they are still engaging and give others confidence in the product/service you are selling.

-Videos are multi-purposeful- they can be a quick, effective and attractive way of putting across a message/selling a service

-Videos can be great for explaining a product/service, telling a customer/client testimonial, or demonstrating a product to show your audience how it works. Make sure you remember to differ your video content on each social media account to increase engagement.

-Videos can go viral much more than your average post. When you see viral content on television, or see what’s trending on Twitter or Facebook, more often than not this content is video based. Who knows, your next video could be the next to GO VIRAL!

Statistics show that video marketing on sites like Facebook will soon overtake the amount of daily watches on YouTube! It’s crazy to think! Whether you are creating your own videos from scratch, or using online, automated video makers, I think we all know the way forward!

Keep an eye out for Brite Recruitment’s latest videos!

Elly Holliday
Resourcing and Marketing Administrator