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The Importance of Networking

The Importance Of Networking

Have you ever thought about the importance of networking? Whether you’re a recent graduate, you own your own company or you’re established in your chosen career, networking is key. Networking is all about meeting new people, making connections and getting your name out there!

Networking often falls to the end of the list and gets forgotten about, but it’s time for that to change. Networking is easier than you think, utilise LinkedIn, attend networking events and have business cards to hand. It’s all about making new connections and building long lasting relationships.

Networking can be great for many reasons, it’s a great opportunity to really spread the word about your company. Take the opportunity and sell it, tell them all about what you offer and don’t forget to talk about your USP, keep in mind that you could be talking to a future client. It’s also a great chance to talk about yourself, tell people what you do and what makes you good. It’s all about building a rapport with people, plus if you’re looking for a new position, your network is always a great place to start.  

It’s time to start embracing networking, after all, they say it’s all about who you know.
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Bethany Hamilton
Account Manager