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Top 10 Tips for Successful Skype Interviews


10 Tips for a Successful Skype Interview

Skype interviews aren’t anything new, but more and more companies are utilizing them these days because of cost savings, convenience, and access to more people in remote areas. Skype interviews can be a great opportunity to make a great first impression because they are usually utilized early in the hiring process. So, what are the best practices for a Skype Interview? We have outlined what we feel are essential tips for a successful Skype interview.

Appearance – How do recruiters see you?

1) Professional Skype Display Name

The first thing recruiters will see is your Skype display name. Just like your email account, it is important to have a professional Skype display name.  A simple Lastname_Firstname will suffice.

2) Dress Professionally

Next, is your attire. Make sure you are fully clothed! Just because the camera only gets the top half of your body, it does not mean that you only have to dress the top half of your body. You never know if you will have to get up to fix technical difficulties, or something else. What should you wear to a Skype interview? Dress exactly as if you were going to an interview in person.


Surroundings – How does your background look and sound?

3) Organize you work space and remove personal items.

The webcam gives a small view of you and your location and it is important to capitalize on that. Clear your desk of clutter and personal items. This sends the message that you are organized and a professional. If there are inappropriate posters behind you, take them down.

4) Warm up the room with some color.

A blank, white wall behind you might seem ideal, but it isn’t the most attractive background. Try warming up the background by adding a bookcase to the background or adding warm colors to the background.

5) Check your lighting.

Due to the way camera optics capture images, lighting can play a large role in how you are seen. Make sure that lighting is coming from in front of you. If the light comes from behind you, it can make this strange silhouette around you and make it hard to see your face.

6) Tell people in your household about the Skype Interview.

Make sure to tell the people in your household about the Skype interview and when it will take place to prevent unwanted noise and interruptions. Do everything you can to minimize external sound. Silence your cell phone, close web applications you aren’t using, and turn off any notifications.

Watch this video by Time Magazine for more details on Skype Interviews and managing your surroundings:

Prepare and Practice!

7) Research the company.

Just like with any interview, make sure you do your homework on the company. Understand industry trends, their needs, and how you can help solve their problems.

8) Practice makes better.

Practice is essential to success in anything and we advise that you practice before the real interview. Practice a Skype interview with a friend. Email them a set of questions, practice responding, and get feedback on how you can improve.

9) Make eye contact with your webcam.

It is common to make eye contact when listening, but if you make eye contact on Skype it will look like you are staring downwards. Look at the webcam to simulate eye contact. You will be viewed as more confident and a better listener.

10) Check your technology and Smile!

Before the actual interview, make sure to check your technology and don’t do this 5 minutes before the interview. Give yourself a good 10 – 15 minutes to make sure everything is in working order. Last, but not least

SMILE, your interview is about to start!