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Top Tips for a standout LinkedIn profile!

Top Tips for a standout LinkedIn profile!

New to LinkedIn or looking for ways to improve your existing profile? We’re here to help!

LinkedIn is a key site for professional networking. It has grown rapidly since its launch in 2003 and now has over 500 million users. Because of this, it’s a great platform for candidates to search for new jobs, connect with potential employers and learn more about companies of interest. 

We at Brite recruitment would highly recommend a functioning LinkedIn profile to support the process of securing a new role if you are an active candidate in the job market. If you’re a novice in the world of LinkedIn, here are some top tips to build a standout profile:

•Take some time to detail your career history – don’t just list companies and job titles, try to also give a brief blurb of your responsibilities within each role, especially for your more recent positions
•Use the “profile” section to detail the types of roles you are interested in hearing about
•Select the “open to opportunities” option – this allows recruiters and hiring managers to easily spot your profile as one worth approaching with new roles 
•Follow groups and companies of interest – there are 100,000s of potentials to follow; be selective and chose those which mean something to you
•Login regularly – you may need to respond to messages or view notifications so ensure you check your account daily 
•Connect with Recruiters – why not start by sending the Brite Recruitment team connect requests – we will be happy to help you grow your network and can look for suitable roles that could be of interest to you!

Get started today and build your profile gradually – you will likely see a steady increase of contact from connections, recruiters and possibly potential employers! 

Rhia Leitch
Account Director