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University League Tables 2018


University league tables for 2018

Are you in college or sixth form looking to continue your journey into further education at University? 
Are you considering what to look out for when choosing the right University and course for you?

Take a look at these tips:

1.Look at The Guardian University league tables

This week The Guardian published their “Good Universities Guide” for 2018. The tables are available both online and in their Newspaper. Universities change their rankings in the table each year and some have climbed by nearly 20 places, so it is important to keep any eye out! The tables measure a range of factors including student/staff satisfaction rates and student: staff ratios. 
The tables also provide specific subject ratings for individual courses, which can be helpful if you are looking to study a more specific/niche course like Egyptology where only a handful of Universities provide access to the course. 

2.Order a prospectus and get yourself down to an open day!

University prospectuses are free and are a great way of comparing courses. They give you an insight into potential modules that you may be studying and make you think if you’d prefer learning about 20th century poetry or Chaucer and medieval literature!
And open days are perfect for getting a feel of the University and the surroundings. They may help you decipher if you prefer a city-based or campus-based University. 

3.Keep an eye out for their extra-curricular actives and clubs 

At University it is important to have a work and social life balance. Clubs and societies are a great way to meet new people and friends outside of your course and in lectures/seminars. 
Clubs and societies range from sport and politics to drama and music and are often great for providing socials and night life!

4.Employability and graduate career prospects

The Guardian league tables also provide you with statistics measuring and comparing the graduate career prospects based on a 6-month basis after graduating. It is important to consider these when looking at courses and Universities.

Alternatively, once you have already started University go and visit their employability fayres and officers who can help you find employment both part-time whilst at Uni or for when you graduate.
Are you a recent graduate looking for a new position? Or are you due to graduate this year? Take a look at our current vacancies and apply today! 
And don’t forget to keep an eye out for our weekly blogs which may help you with CV and cover letter writing tips, as well as great interview techniques!

Elly Holliday
Resourcing and Marketing Administrator