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What to do on Rest Breaks at Work

Whether you get a quick 15-minute rest break or a whole hour to spend on lunch, it is a good idea to properly utilise this time. Maybe you can’t be bothered to move from your desk. Maybe you don’t have anything you want to do. Maybe you’re quite happy sitting and scrolling through social media.

Experts say these breaks, no matter how short, are critical for keeping up your productivity. If you typically spend your lunch scoffing down a meal at your desk, or perhaps you skip lunch altogether, this can lead to an unhealthy routine. Having a good break time routine can be the key to your career success.

“Your lunch hour is your chance to get refocused, re-energised, and refuelled for the rest of your day,” says Michael Kerr, international business speaker and author.

Rest Break Activities

Working through your lunchtime is not what successful people do. To gain a more proactive work routine you need to get up from your desk to meet new people, exercise, or read. You should plan your day with lunch in mind. Never schedule important meetings or conference calls at lunchtime. Here are a few suggestions of what you can do on rest breaks at work:

You should make sure you eat healthy and mindfully. Nutritionists suggest that you must be mindful when eating, which means eating slowly and appreciating the food. Not being mindful leads to poor dietary choices which not only affects your health, buts also affects your stress level and ability to focus.

Get Up
Even when you think you have too much work and must work through lunch, always get away from your desk. If you HAVE TO work through lunch, working in a different location can give you a change of scenery and perspective.

Accomplish Personal Tasks
If you have enough time to accomplish tasks, it could be helpful to complete them within your lunchtime. Get yourself organised and take advantage of your breaks. Running simple errands during your lunch hour frees up the rest of your day.  so after work you don’t have to worry about doing anything. Create a to-do list for your personal life and see what you can complete. Feeling organised in your life outside of work will free up mental energy and reduce stress levels enabling you to perform better.

Do Things You Enjoy
What do you enjoy doing? A few ideas include seeing a friend, going shopping, or visiting the park. Catch up on newspapers, blogs, and books. Reading helps you focus, offers a mental break and can give you some much-needed solitude. All these activities will be like mini-vacations and help refresh you and your mindset. You will go back to the office with a fresh start.

Try and have lunch with a different person in your office or network at least once a week. You are guaranteed to learn something new about the company or industry and may even make some new friends in the process.

Work Out
Exercising during your lunch break provides a great energy boost. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment for the second part of the workday. A regular workout schedule promotes good health and has been shown to reduce stress and increase focus. Improve your performance at work as well as at the gym, get moving!

Reflect on the Morning
Use your lunch hour to recharge by shutting down electronics and enjoying some peace and quiet. Lunch is the ideal time to evaluate the progress you’ve made in the morning. Take the time to self-reflect on what you have accomplished. If you have had a difficult morning, hit the reset button over lunch and head into the afternoon with a positive attitude.

Note Taking
During your lunch hour, take a few minutes to think about and write down what you want your future to look like. Some people use this break time to dream of new concepts, ideas, and solutions that can be applied to their professional or personal lives. People rarely want to focus on their job outside of working hours, so thinking about their career within the working day could be a good idea. Take a notebook and find a place to jot down your thoughts.

Enjoying Your Breaks

It is a legal requirement for employers to give their employees a break if working over a certain period. If you believe you should be getting a break but are not, you should discuss this with your manager. Whether you want a break or not there should be a time in the day you can relax and de-stress from the troubles of work.

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