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Sushi Sushi Sushi!!

Looking for somewhere good to eat Sushi in Cheltenham? Last night, us Brite girls found a hidden little independent gem in Regent Street, Cheltenham under the name of Kibou Sushi. Excited with the mouth-watering thoughts of Sushi, we were all out of the office door at 5:30pm on the dot! We arrived at the restaurant at around 5:40pm after a hasty walk down (our table booked for 6pm so we were a little keen). When we got to the restaurant we were first greeted by some rather steep steps down to the door. We all huddled in to the basement restaurant, where the waitress told us they did not open until 6pm for supper service. A little saddened by the thought of waiting even longer for Sushi, we trotted off to occupy ourselves for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes of trying the sunglasses on in TK Max, we found ourselves bounding down Kibou’s restaurant steps once more – not to Sophie’s delight as she was still aching from leg day at the gym! This time, we were shown to our table and presented with menus full of delicious Japanese cuisine. The restaurant itself was very quaint with only 5 tables and a few bars, so we would definitely recommend booking, as soon after we arrived at 6pm the restaurant was full! We did not have to wait long for the waiter to take our food order. Still dazed at how big the menu the girls went for the Moriawase – which is a mixed sharing platter made up of; Hosomaki 4 rolls with cucumber; Sashmi – with 2 Salmon and 2 Tuna; Nigiri – 5 rolls with Prawn, Salmon, Tuna, Octopus and Squid; 4 rolls of the Chef’s special. I was the awkward one last night who didn’t have the sharing platter because of a shellfish allergy, instead I went for the Teriyaki Duck Futomaki, which was 5 rolls of sushi filled with duck. Once we had figured out to use the chopsticks we tucked in – it was all very yummy!        

Soon after this course was cleared we made the very good decision to order more food… This time we all went for something a little different; Amy and I went for Pork Gyoza’s; Lisa had the Salt and Pepper Garlic squid; Sophie tried the King Prawn Tempura; Rhia went for the Salmon and Avocado Sushi… The food kept coming and coming which we could not complain about. After an hour of being there we were all Sushied out and received the bill which was presented with fruity hard boiled sweets – which we love!!

Kibou Sushi is a place we would definitely visit again in the future!! To any Sushi lovers in Cheltenham… if you haven’t already… you need to visit Kibou soon!!