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  • "They are passionate about what they do and have real tenacity to keep going, even with particularly challenging roles."

Why Choose Brite Recruitment?


Why choose Brite Recruitment?

    1-We give a first-class candidate experience

Here at Brite Recruitment, customer service is at our heart. We take time to keep candidates up to date with their application process and are thorough in our interview conversations in order to ensure that the candidate has the right experience and perfect outlook to fit with each client. 

    2-We take a consultative approach- we take the time to understand the job details and the personal profile required 

When taking a role from one of our clients, our Account Managers liaise closely with hiring mangers and internal recruiters to get details on the position, including essential requirements and skills that are desirable for each job opportunity.
Our Account Managers have client meetings and briefings in order to really get to know the environment, team and culture for each position we are working on.

    3-We persevere on roles which are challenging to fill

In the world of recruitment, unfortunately not all positions are an easy-fill. The Brite Recruitment team are dedicated to finding you the perfect candidate for your position. 

    4-Friendly, approachable and committed team

We are a close-knit team here at Brite and enjoy speaking to our clients and candidates. We often have candidates call in for an informal chat about their career options and career opportunities. We’re also a really sociable team, and love doing office competitions and pizza Friday’s- stay updated by checking out our weekly blogs!

    5-We are passionate about what we do

With a combined 47.5 years of recruitment within the team, I think it’s safe to say we are passionate about helping to find the perfect candidate for their perfect position! 

Don’t believe us? Take a look at our testimonials! For more information on how Brite can help you fill your recruitment needs, call one of our Account Managers on 01242 228 200!

Elly Holliday

Resourcing and Marketing Administrator