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Why Do Recruiters Ask My Current Salary?



Why Do Recruiters Ask About My Current Salary?

The world of applying for jobs and answering the calls to recruiters can often be a daunting one, I experienced this myself this summer. Now that I work at Brite Recruitment I can shine a light on both sides of the fence and maybe cure some concerns around speaking to a Recruiter.

One of the main questions that tend to make a job seeker a bit stand-offish is the awkward “what is your current salary?”. As a job seeker this summer, I often thought “what if my salary doesn’t reflect my worth?” or “why is it any of their business?”. These questions are perfectly normal, and you’re completely entitled not to say, however there are some good reasons why you should, and you shouldn’t feel awkward about it.
The reason why recruiters ask you “what is your current salary” or “what are your salary expectations” is because they want to find out if the role is going to be a good fit for you. If they’re about to tell you about a job that is completely below your pay bracket, it’s better to know than waste your valuable job seeking time. If you feel that your current salary doesn’t reflect your worth, maybe you’re underpaid for the role you do, just be honest with the recruiter. Tell them that you’re aiming higher! 

One of the main things that worried me when job hunting was the salary expectation question. I didn’t want to say a salary which was too high and appear silly or miss out on an opportunity. However, I then didn’t want to say anything too low and potentially secure a role that was way under what I wanted to be paid. Again, the best thing to do in this situation is to be honest with the recruiter. Try not to think of it as a trick question, rather a question the recruiter must ask in order to put you in a role that would suit you.

Now, some recruitment companies are better than others, some will send your CV around their clients without really considering if the role is right for you or if you are right for their client. Here at Brite we take the time to make sure the candidate is a good fit for the role as well as making sure our candidates are completely happy with the role they are applying for. We care about our candidates and build good relationships with them! 
So, the next time a recruiter asks you about salary, don’t feel awkward, communication is key. Be confident and open to talk about it. What have you got to lose? 

Charlotte Haines
Account Manager