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Will ‘Brexit’ cause a ‘Brain Drain’ effect in the UK?

It was about a month ago Article 50 was triggered and the process of Britain leaving the EU has begun. With one of the main effects of ‘Brexit’ being to limit the free movement of people across UK borders, universities are now worried of a ‘brain drain’ effect. This means well educated, intelligent students from the EU will leave the UK after ‘Brexit’, taking their skills and qualifications with them, effectively ‘draining’ a proportion of the UK’s skilled workforce. 127,000 of the students in higher education in the UK are from EU countries. The UK has 4 of the world’s best ranked universities in the top 10 and therefore, overseas students and academic staff are attracted to the UK. 

If the proposed ‘Brexit’ barriers go ahead, EU students could be discouraged from applying, therefore damaging the international competitiveness of our universities. As part of ‘Brexit’ negotiations, MP’s want overseas students to be taken out of migration figures so that once they have graduated, they can stay and work in the UK. 

Are you an overseas student due to graduate whilst ‘Brexit’ negotiations are going ahead? Will you be affected? We would like to hear your thoughts? 

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